Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Spooky Anniversary Stamping

I saw this Spooky Stamping technique by Chalkboard Nails and was super excited to try it! Back in September I used someone's (can't remember at the moment) tutorial on how to make owls. I had also recently been gifted the OPI mini Halloween set. I did glow-in-the-dark/black stripes on 8 of my fingers and owl accent fingers, but I never would have thought to stamp over glow-in-the-dark polish to get the same effect. Genius!

I asked the boyfriend to pick out the designs and colors for our anniversary date nail art and he picked a shockingly bright (in person) yellow by Color Club with black stamping. Here is how it came out!

Clearly I messed up the plaid stamp, but rather than try to piece a second stamp onto the first, I decided it was "artistic" this way (ha!). :)

It's a shame you can't see how alarmingly bright this yellow is in these pictures.

Here you can see the glow-in-the-dark! So neat! It was a lot brighter/clearer in person, but I don't have a fancy pants camera to capture it accurately. I still think these pictures are pretty freaking cool!

I hated taking these nails off, but I wasn't really experiencing their cool effect even at night, so I left them for a few days and then moved on. I'm sure I'll be trying this again sometime soon!

What do you think? Were you as impressed by Chalkboard Nails' post as I was?


  1. yay - well done - looks awesome x

  2. love these!! I have a big problem capturing fluoro shades to..annoying coz i love them! your nails look great..u can't really tell that the plaid went wrong i thought it was part of the design ;-) I just found ur blog via the crumpets blog, i like! I have a nail blog too check it out if ya like!