Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PCFC - Pink Polka Dots 2/21

Happy Wednesday everyone! :D

Today I have for you a 2 for 1 deal! Read 1 blog post and see two different manicures/nail art(s). You. Are. Welcome.

I've done a dotting manicure before with multi-colored dots on a white background and loved it. This time, I didn't want to do essentially the same thing, so I mixed it up. But just a little. I painted two fingers with white and 3 with a bright pink for the background. Then I used 3 different sized dotting tools to create a clustered/random dotted design in one corner of my nail that sort of travelled along the neighboring edges.

I didn't have a plan when I started which is why several of the pinks are so similar. I just pulled out all of the pink polishes I own (8) and started dotting all of them. I thought about using a lighter pink as the base color, but since I only have 2 of them, I thought it was better to use them to dot with so there would be some shading. Oh well. That is why I only did the left hand with these clusters.

You can see the dots on the pink nails pretty well with the ridiculously bright flash.

I really like how the pink dots look on the white nails. I've been having a lot of trouble with the 3 white polishes I already owned. I couldn't get any of them to go on smoothly or evenly. My boyfriend picked out this white by MNY and it is heavenly! Yay for the boyfriend! :) I love when he gets involved with my nail art hobby, no matter how small the involvement is.

A close up of the pretty pinks on the white (with flash).

Even though I liked what I ended up with on my left hand, I wanted to try out this sort of star burst or flower pattern on my right hand. If I had planned ahead, I would have done the random IMPERFECT dots with my non-dominate hand and used my good hand to do the more precise burst design. Oh well. ha, ha!

Once again, the pink are kind of lost on the pink nails. I also sort of lost the design on my large thumb nail, but I really like how my pinky turned out. :)



With flash, you can at least see that there are other rows of pink dots on the pink nails. lol. I didn't plan on the design covering all of the nail. Originally I just wanted the burst to be in one corner, sort of like the random clusters are on the other hand. However, with 8 polishes, that was never gonna happen.

Do you think this was more of a fail or more of a win? I'm kinda on the fence. I like the nails with the white backgrounds, but those are only 2/5 of my nails, so less than 50%. lol.


  1. very cute, love the different colors as the base!

  2. I LOVE both! I keep swooning over the cluster doticures that I keep seeing, and yours is no different, but I also really like how uniform the other hand is too :)

  3. I really like this design and I definitely think the burst of dots is a win! =)

  4. Have you tried a cluster doticure yet? They are so fun and easy! I'm sure at some point I will get around to posting my other cluster doticure, the rainbow one, but I never wanted to take that polish off. So pretty! lol.

  5. love them both, but esp the 1st one xxx

  6. ah i love the pattern on this polka dot mani! i would never have thought to do it this way! lovely! x

  7. I love the dotting patterns! I like both the cluster and the radiating circle. I've tried to do a cluster before, but it came out looking messy, so I removed it without photos. I'm not sure I have a steady enough hand to make the even circles, though I'm definitely going to try it!