Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Runway Challenge - Week 6

This week made me throw up. I was disgusted from my very core by Ven's commentary on how the other designers had it easier because their clients weren't on the heavier side. Are. You. Kidding. Me.????? You are wanting to be a professional designer and prove that you are the best. How can you do that if you are incapable of listening to what the client wants and needs and keeping your rude thoughts to yourself???

I think what made it worse for me was how Ven softened his tone when talking to the judges. He still mentioned that he had a harder challenge because his client wasn't a twig, but if only the judges could have heard the things he said to his client and seen how he made her cry, they would have kicked him off in a heartbeat.

Only one designer used a print and after seeing Bee's and Emma's based on it, I decided I couldn't compete with that, so I went for another approach. Even though the judges weren't a fan, I really liked this dress (the losing look):

I loved the sweetheart neckline and the shine. The black mesh made it feel more covered up. Using this as inspiration, I attempted a ruffle mani.

In order to get the blue to ruffle over the black, I had to put down a row of white dots and then covered them with the blue dots. I really like it, but this is pretty much my all time favorite blue. :)

I was going to do horizontal ruffles instead of diagonal on my other hand, but it was 11 pm by this time I finished the first hand. I had the intentions of finishing them, but when I had time to finish, I was over the design and ready to do something else. Ha, ha.

Does this ever happen to you or am I the only lazy person with a short attention span? Ha, ha!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rainbow Freestyle

I really like manis that use striping tape and black polish, so I thought I would do another one (I did one once before I began blogging). Last time I used regular bright rainbow polishes. This time I went with neons, so of course I laid down a base of white to really make the neons pop. Some of these pictures are without cleanup because I didn't expect to take photos of the process. Hope you don't mind! :)

They were so bright and I was in love! I almost didn't even want to do anything to them, but I forged on.

 I couldn't decide what pattern I wanted to do,  so I started off with the zig-zag. I didn't love it, so I tried the grid and the fan pattern. The fiance's favorite was the fan on my thumb, so I did it on each nail on my second hand.

Do you play with striping tape? Have you tried a mani like this before?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Runway Challenge - Week 4

 Oh Project Runway, how boring you have been. I think this is going to be one of those forgettable seasons with okay designers. For week 4, the designers were split into 2 teams to design a collection. One team chose a fabric with a pattern to tie their looks together and I kinda liked it.

Team 5, Designs 1, 2, 3 (Left to Right)

I've tried needle drag marbling once before, but the hearts I was trying to make looked more like butts! I thought a drag marble would be the perfect technique to depict this fabric. However, my attempt still looked more like butts than anything cool. Then I just tried to make it all messy and get rid of the butts.

And because it didn't turn out like I planned, I didn't feel like doing it on both hands. I used a purple glitter and a silver/gold glitter over the purple base.

Oh well. These nails only lasted a day before I replaced them with something better. :)

What do you think about this season? Are you feeling inspired?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project Runway Challenge - Week 5

I liked a lot of the black dresses in week 5. But that is difficult to translate to nail art. This lead me to consider using Buffi's outfit as my inspiration, but I really didn't want to do a zebra mani after my Golden Cow mani. From this, my current mani was born!

I took the bright pink color from Buffi's outfit (center below) and mixed it with Dmitry's (right below) for a fun hybrid.

I took the criss-cross design from Dmytri's black dress (Michael Koors said he should have done it in a red or a brighter color for more effect) and put it over a bright pink like Buffi's sheer overlay. I thought about doing a coral color like she did, but my coral polishes weren't speaking to me.

Like usual, I really couldn't muster up the desire to do all those stripes with my non-dominant hand, so I switched it up a bit. 

 As a side note, I thought I'd include this picture for fun. Can you tell which of these is not like the other?

That's right... I FORGOT a stripe. I didn't even notice it until I was in class the next day. 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Runway Challenge - Week 3

I thought it was interesting that they chose to have the new designers create outfits for the old designers. I thought all of them had at least something about them that was interesting, but none of them really spoke to me.

I pretty much agreed with the winning outfit (the navy one), but I'm still sick of Ven's attitude, so I prefer for him to not win. That is why I chose the gold dress as my inspiration. I hated it the whole time I was doing it, but I guess the end result isn't bad.

It didn't turn out the way I envisioned, but I only have 2 gold polishes. This is also the closest I've ever done to cheetah/leopard print. It kind of makes me want to give cheetah/leopard a real shot. Then again, maybe my nails just look like gold cows. Ha, ha!

What did you think of the week 3 outfits? Don't forget to check out Bee's and Emma's Project Runway Challenge manis! :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Runway Challenge Week 1

 I am working on catching up on Week 1 and 3 for the Project Runway challenge, so yesterday I tackled Week 1. I re-watched the runway portion of Week 1's episode and realized that I wasn't really inspired by any of the outfits. The only one I really liked was the black and green color block one on the left of the picture below. It was created by Gunner, a guy who was on another season of PR before quickly being cut. He also has a bit of an attitude, but he's mostly likeable.

project runway gunnar

I don't actually have a green polish to match the shade of the dress, so I made due with another green (Sold Out Forever- Catrice). I really don't care for this mani, but oh well. I really hope the future challenges are more inspiring on the show!

Has anyone else joined in on the challenge?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Project Runway Challenge - Week 2

My lovely friend Bee over at Bee Polished came up with the great idea to do a Project Runway themed challenge. Each week, we'll be doing a new mani based on that week's outfits. I'm starting off with Week 2 - Unconventional Materials.

The contestants had to create a garment using candy and other merchandise from Dylan's Candybar.
The winner using rocky candy and some licorice to create a lovely floral dress. Bee also chose this garment for her design, so go check hers out! :) Her manis are always really refined and beautiful. I really liked this dress, but I do think Ven, the designer, is a bit cocky.

On my left hand I actually tried to recreate the design on the actual dress. I started with a white base and then sponged on some light pink, purple, and yellow randomly. I actually wore that alone for 2 days because life just got in the way. haha. I finally put the black lines on tonight.

 I didn't want to attempt the flower design on my right hand considering it won't last part tomorrow evening. I just did a black crackle over the sponged colors. I'm sure lots of you are "over" crackle polishes, but I think I'll always like them. Just not for every day.

I'm clearly a little behind considering last Thursday was Week 3, but we just decided to start this, so I will make sure to keep up with the weeks from this point on and I'll go back and do Week 1 and 3 in the next week or two.

If you'd like to join in with this challenge, please do and share your manis with us so we can pimp your blog!

Check out our other friend Emma's blog! She is also participating in the Project Runway challenge and she really does some stunning nail art.