Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have You Ever Seen a Smurf Penis? Here's 10!

This past Sunday my family-in-law decided to have a photo viewing party so everyone could see the pictures taken at our wedding two months ago. I am always so impressed, amazed, and proud that my husband's family gets along so well. His mom and dad separated when he was only a few years old, but both of their extended families truly love and support one another. It's incredible. 

For the occassion, I decided to do a mani using the polish I wore on our wedding day. It's a custom made polish from Karine named "Smurf Penis." A lovely sort of dusty medium blue linear holo. I wanted to do something a bit more exciting, so I added some stamping. The light stamping shade is the light blue from the Color Club metallic collection. The darker blue is Blues Bros. Volume II and the black is from Sinful Colors.


Are you tired of seeing stamping from me yet? Ha, ha. :)

1 comment:

  1. Omg I love how the holo peek through the stamping you did a great job!