Saturday, January 28, 2012


I finally did it; I bit the bullet!
I have joined the rest of the polish addicted community and started my own nail art blog. I originally intended to use my personal blog for the dual purpose of documenting my nail art, but I just don't think the two subjects will attract the same audience.

These days I tend to do my nails once every 2-3 days. If my nail art/polish lasts longer than that, I must REALLY be digging it! I don't always take the time to do art when I paint my nails, but more often than not, I do *something* to spice up a single color mani.

I enjoy browsing other people's swatches to determine whether or not I am lusting after a color, but I won't be doing my own here. Other people have much better equipment and actually enjoy taking swatch photos, so I will leave that hobby to them.

This blog will simply be my nail art and possibly single color mani pictures (not intended as swatches) if I really love a color. I'm currently wearing Forget-Me-Not by Catrice. This is one of the single color manis that I would deem worthy of photos on this blog.

I hope you'll stick around and share the love of all things nail art/polish related with me! I'd love feedback, nail art suggestions, or even constructive criticism. I've been doing nail art for at least the last 12 years, but I am just now learning about proper nail care and various techniques and I am excited to share the journey with you!

Colors used: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, Art Club glitter red striper, Art Club white striper, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It

I will leave you with this photo of one of my favorite nail art manis. I do American flags every year for the 4th of July. They wouldn't take as long to do as you would think. Have a fantastic day!

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