Monday, April 23, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do! My First MSMD Nail Art

Hooray! It's only been a few days since my last post, not another month, so I would say I'm doing better! ha, ha!

Today I have my first Monkey See, Monkey Do (MSMD) Monday Mani for you!

Some of the lovely ladies in one of my polish groups had the idea to do one post a week that shows the nail art you did and the original art you were inspired by. In my last post, I already showed you the nail art I was inspired by for my neon stripes nail art, but that was more an interpretation and not a literal translation, which is what MSMD is.

This is the gorgeousness that inspired me today.

There is just something about the geometry of this design that I adore! She only used 3 metallic colors, so her design is a bit more monochromatic and cohesive.

As I told my mom last night when I showed her these nails over Skype, "The original artist did classy. I don't do classy, just obnoxious." So there you have it! I'm a person drawn to bright colors. When they say you should put on the jewelry you plan to wear out for the night and then take off a piece to have the perfect amount of accessories, yeah.... I just add another piece instead of take one off. ;)

So here is my obnoxious translation of this awesome design:

I love them, although I wish I would have omitted the dark blue. I think it makes them look a bit dark. I also only used the Color Club metallics and a SH chrome silver. I love the warm colors in the original picture. Maybe I should try to tone it down next time to 3 colors in the same family. Oh well, I'm loving them. But now revisiting the original, I wish I had done more angled sections instead of making them so horizontal. Live and learn!

PS- I bought an angled eyeliner brush to help with my cleanup, but the acetone ate through the glue holding the bristles in. The started sliding up into the handle and then started falling out. And black polish is a bia to clean up. so I do apologize for my cuticle line in the bottom picture. Please don't flog me.