Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Runway Challenge - Week 6

This week made me throw up. I was disgusted from my very core by Ven's commentary on how the other designers had it easier because their clients weren't on the heavier side. Are. You. Kidding. Me.????? You are wanting to be a professional designer and prove that you are the best. How can you do that if you are incapable of listening to what the client wants and needs and keeping your rude thoughts to yourself???

I think what made it worse for me was how Ven softened his tone when talking to the judges. He still mentioned that he had a harder challenge because his client wasn't a twig, but if only the judges could have heard the things he said to his client and seen how he made her cry, they would have kicked him off in a heartbeat.

Only one designer used a print and after seeing Bee's and Emma's based on it, I decided I couldn't compete with that, so I went for another approach. Even though the judges weren't a fan, I really liked this dress (the losing look):

I loved the sweetheart neckline and the shine. The black mesh made it feel more covered up. Using this as inspiration, I attempted a ruffle mani.

In order to get the blue to ruffle over the black, I had to put down a row of white dots and then covered them with the blue dots. I really like it, but this is pretty much my all time favorite blue. :)

I was going to do horizontal ruffles instead of diagonal on my other hand, but it was 11 pm by this time I finished the first hand. I had the intentions of finishing them, but when I had time to finish, I was over the design and ready to do something else. Ha, ha.

Does this ever happen to you or am I the only lazy person with a short attention span? Ha, ha!


  1. Oh, you're definitely not! I did a manicure based on a pair of socks, once, that had bands of four different shades of green, grass from one band growing up into the lighter shade above it, and then flowers all over it. I finished the grass, put the flowers on the left hand, looked at my right, and went...Yeah, it looks fine with just grass! *grin*

    Besides, any "normal" person would look at those nails and go, "That's a *short* attention span? How long did it take to do that first hand??" :)

  2. I love this Jewli!!! I love patterns too because they look great from a distance and then when you get closer it's like a cool surprise to see all the details!!