Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Runway Challenge Week 1

 I am working on catching up on Week 1 and 3 for the Project Runway challenge, so yesterday I tackled Week 1. I re-watched the runway portion of Week 1's episode and realized that I wasn't really inspired by any of the outfits. The only one I really liked was the black and green color block one on the left of the picture below. It was created by Gunner, a guy who was on another season of PR before quickly being cut. He also has a bit of an attitude, but he's mostly likeable.

project runway gunnar

I don't actually have a green polish to match the shade of the dress, so I made due with another green (Sold Out Forever- Catrice). I really don't care for this mani, but oh well. I really hope the future challenges are more inspiring on the show!

Has anyone else joined in on the challenge?


  1. I love this, classy yet edgy...

  2. I like this one! It's very bold!! But I agree, I don't feel super inspired by the designs yet. I'm really excited about the next episode :)

  3. I like this! It goes with the challenge but it's also just a cool mani on it's own!

  4. Hi, sweetheart! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://fanningthefumes.blogspot.com/ Keep those great posts coming :)