Friday, November 16, 2012

OPI Girly Stamping Fun

 Whilst sitting in front of my Helmer yesterday, deciding what to do next, I started pulling out all of my OPI polishes. I really LOVE the formula on every polish I have by them right now (which, as you can see, is 6, plus the 1 I forgot to add in this mani). I broke them into two groups of 3 and painted the bases. The next day I went to town stamping them. If you want to know the name of any of the colors, let me know, but most of them are from the Holland collection.

 For this hand I tried to stick with kinda girly prints. If you look at my middle finger with the roses here, this is actually the 2nd stamp I did on this nail. I used the same color on my thumb and ring finger to stamp my middle finger. Unfortunately, you couldn't even see it! I ended up using the pink polish from my other hand to stamp the roses. It's still a really close match, but it was good enough for me.

Also, stretching the XL stamper really does work to cover my wide thumb nail. My thumbs and ring fingers both use the same image, but they fit perfectly with the stretching technique. Yippee!

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