Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Purple and Green Giraffes and Cheetahs

I've taken a billion photos of this mani, trying to capture the actual color of these spots. Unfortunately, my sad Canon PowerShot A590IS just couldn't rise to the occasion. If you are tired of seeing only animal print stamping on my blog, I am sorry. Out of the 15 or so plates that I have, only 1 works consistently well. I'm hoping to acquire some new plates for Christmas, but maybe I'll break down and convince the hubby I need some before then. he, he. :) 

The base color is Color Club Wild Orchid (which I have had for over a decade!) and stamped using my XL stamper with the dark purple Orly from my last post.

I really wish you could see these colors as they really are IRL. I finished them and decided I was in love, but now it's time for them to go! haha.


  1. So great! I still can't get stamping to work!

    1. Thanks Kerrie! :) Is there anything I can do to help your stamping? It's taken me quite a while to finally get the (sort of) hang of it. I'd love to help if I can. :)