Friday, September 21, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!

To date, I have never tried freehand animal print nail art (unless you count this mani, which I don't). Many of my fellow nail junkies/blogging friends have said repeatedly how easy leopard print is and that it is their go-to design, but I still think it looks intimidating. One of these days I'll try it, but today is not that day. Instead, I was really wanting to do some stamping. The only plates I have that consistently work are the ones from Essence, but I'm itching to buy some Cheeky or Dashica plates.

Three of the Essence plates have these full nail animal print images, so I decided to do sort of a rainbow animal motif.

I actually LOVE these nails. My family lives in Bengals territory and the orange zebra stripes make me wish I cared AT ALL about football and was actually there to sport this design during football season.

My thumbs are usually too wide for full-nail images, but I found that with the cheetah and leopard designs, I was able to successfully double stamp the design. That is usually what keeps me from doing full-nail designs on all my nails. I hate trying to line up stripes or dots perfectly.

On a side note, I totally wish animals with these colors existed in real life! But then they probably become extinct from all the people who think they need to wear real animal fur.

Do you wish there were technicolor zebras/cheetahs/giraffes/etc. like I do?  How do you feel about full nail stamping designs? And are you braver than me about free-handing leopard nail art?


  1. I wish there were!!!
    I've tried leopard print twice. If you watch youtube videos it is pretty easy. The only problem with mine is they come out bumpy. No matter how many top coats I put on.I guess it will come with time :os

  2. I've been searching and searching for this particular image plate and can't find it. I've never bought Essence products and don't know where to get this.....can you help?

    Oh yeah I live in the US :)

    1. If you want to paypal me $3.50, I'd be happy to pick up this plate for you and mail it to you. I may be mistaken, but I believe the Essence stamping plates are available in parts of Europe, but not he US. I'll be in the US in 10 days, so I could buy it here, take it with me, and mail it to you in a regular envelope when I arrive. My e-mail is Just shoot me an e-mail if you decide you want to do this and we'll go from there. :)