Saturday, September 29, 2012

Water Marble Holo Topcoat Technique

I just saw this video the other day and it is a really great idea for applying a holo topcoat to other nail polishes. It's the water marble technique, but instead of making a bulls eye of different colors, you are creating one layer of the same holo polish. I used the silver Sally Hansen Nail Prism holo. It's not a very strong holo, but it's the only silver holo I have.
To show you the difference in application between this water marble-esque technique and regular polishing, I did one technique on each hand. In the first two pictures, I painted the silver on my hand. You can see how uneven the application is. You have to use several coats to get it somewhat even, but then you cover up a lot of the color underneath.

In the last two pictures, the red nail looks a bit wonky from the water I have to use (bottled water in Germany doesn't respond well to water marbling like it does in the US). But in general, the nails look more even (at least to me).

 Do you find this technique for holo topcoats as interesting as I do? I'd love to try this with a proper linear holo and cooperative bottled water. ha, ha. :)

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