Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wilkommen in Deutschland Nails

 After my disgusting Project Runway Week 7 nail art, I removed it immediately and did these German flag nails for my sister's first time in Germany! I free-handed the lines, so some are a bit wobbly. This was my first time doing horizontal stripes and I was happy with them. To be honest, they reminded me more of toucan beaks than German flags due to the nail shape.

It's a good thing I took these pictures when I did, even though they're a little blurry. My nails ended up being badly chipped by the time I picked my sister up the next morning. These were taken at about 11pm after a full day of cleaning, so it's safe to say the lighting was cruddy.

Fun little side story: Many years ago when I was a freshman in college and had just started dating my now husband, we were hanging out in the common room of my dorm and I was doing my nails. With his influence, I decided to do a different country's flag on each nail. I didn't know the order of colors on the German flag, so my husband told me how they went. Well, he messed them up. He's full German, but didn't grow up in Germany, but I still like to tease him about it. :) Poor guy.

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