Monday, February 13, 2012

A Non-Valentine's Valentine's Manicure

 Not a Valentine's mani...

This post is all sorts of quasi-fail, beginning with the watermarks. Apparently I am tired and left out the ".blogspot" in my blog address in the watermark. Oh well. You're already looking at the blog, so I'm not worried. lol. Also, I used China Glaze LOL as my base because I was so excited to try out my new polish. I wasn't planning to stamp over it, but of course I started getting itchy having just 1 solid color on by the end of the day. :) So I decided to practice some stamping.

My overall plan of attack was to use the few stamping plates I have to create a different V-day themed design on each finger.

Let's look at the thumbs first. On the left thumb I simply used the french tip stamp made of hearts.

For my right thumb, I got a little creative. Can you guess what I was going for? It's supposed to be Cupid hitting his mark. :) I loved how it turned out. 

The pictures below are gonna look weird because I stamped them  facing me and photographed them facing away. lol. Oh well. 

Right hand: On my pinky I did a skull with crossbones (his eyes are hearts), on the ring finger that you can't see, I used another french tip design made of tiny hearts/dots in 3 rows. On the middle finger I just did a heart from one of my Essence plates, and the index finger was supposed to be a wrapped gift, but I royally screwed up the stripe "wrapping paper" part, so I just threw a black bow over the edge and called it a day. 

Left hand: On my pinky, I used a full nail rose stamp. It turned out well, but it was hard to see over the LOL. For the ring finger, I stamped a simple pretty bow. The middle finger sported the lovely "LOVE" design, but I did it off center, so I added a thin line of flowers to the right of it, but you can't see it below. For the index finger, I used a stamp that reminded me of a box of chocolates. It has two wavy lines that are perpendicular but offset with a simple flower where they intersect. My stamping on this finger wasn't super clear, so I added a tiny clear gem I had been wanting to try to the center of the flower to distract you. Did it work? lol. 


I used the 5 metallics from Color Club, Catrice Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K, Essence Stampy white, and Sinful Colors Black for the stamping.

The PCFC Spring Challenge kicks off tomorrow with a Valentine's Day mani, so be prepared to see more lovey dovey-ness. :)

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