Saturday, February 18, 2012

PCFC - Water Marble 2/18

Well... Let's just start with a picture, shall we?

Yeah, this doesn't look like a water marble, does it? Nope, only the pinky is a water marble. In Germany, most bottled water is carbonated, but I HATE the taste of the fizzy water, so we buy flat water. The first time I attempted a water marble here was a while ago and we (we= the boyfriend and I) that it must be the minerals in the bottled water that caused the marble not to work. 

So then we bought distilled water. I've tried it twice now, but to no avail. Someone suggested warming the water up since it's so cold in the rooms here. I put some water in a pan on the stove (since we don't have a microwave), but when I poured it into my dixie cup, the wax on the outside of the cup melted right off! lol. I was only able to successfully marble one finger, so here it is.

My color palate consisted of a medium blue, a bright red, a banana yellow, and plain white. These may not look like spring colors, but they are all the rage this time of year where I am living. It is FASTNACHT everyone! :) I still don't really understand what this holiday is all about, but it is also called Carinival. Red, yellow, blue, and white are the Fastnacht colors and there are flags with these stripes (although my blue and yellow are in the wrong order :/) all over the cities right now. People are wearing the stripes on gloves, hats, shirts, scarves, etc. This is my first time being in Germany for Fastnacht, but I believe it is also a celebration of the 5th season. 

If anyone is interested, I can try to explain the celebration later when I have more of an understanding of it.

I knew the stripes were only going to last until today, so I didn't bother using tape, which would have made my stripes a lot neater. As you can see, I also dented my index finger 3 hours after finishing my nails. Ridiculous.


  1. I like your post style, it's interesting! and funny..oh and sometimes u might have better luck with certain brands of polish and not others when it comes to water marble (the water should be room temperature) although I only ever used tap water so I can't be sure of the problem your having..why can't you use tap? sorry lol not my business haha

  2. Thanks for the comment and the compliment bonita bon bons! :) I appreciate any and all feedback.

    I also appreciate the tips, but I'm sad to say that I was using colors I had successfully marbled with in the US and I used room temp water. I'm not sure why you're not supposed to use tap water in the US, but the water in Germany is really hard and has all sorts of minerals still in it. It's the calcium that I find to be the biggest problem because it latches on to our glass shower doors and it's a pain to get off. lol. I'm sure I'll try again soon, but maybe not till my next trip back to the US. lol.