Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PCFC - Spring Clean 2/21

Well, well... what do we have here? A disappointing color I think.

The challenge for today for the Purple Crumpet Fair Spring Challenge was "Spring Clean," which means you use a color from your stash that isn't really appropriate for spring.

This was actually a little difficult for me. I don't choose my polish based on what season it is; I just go by what mood I am in or what design I have thought up. I decided a dark color would probably be a safe bet as "non-spring-y," so I pulled out 3 of my untried Catrice polishes: I Wear My Sunglasses at Night, King of Greens, and Blues Brother Vol. II. I made the boyfriend decide for me out of those three and he went with I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. I was really excited to try it out properly (not like the 1 finger swatch in my previous post), but it was a huge let down, even with topcoat!

I didn't even like it enough to take a picture of just the polish, that's how sad I was. In order to show you why I was disappointed, I googled for a swatch and found a blog post by Taya that sums up my reaction perfectly:


She says:
"After I applied it on my nails, I was dissapointed. I didn't like, how it looked on my nails. This polish has a black base with multicolored glitter. I like this idea, I only wish that glitter would be more visible on nails. Application was ok, I used two coats. I'm not sure, if I'll ever wear it again."

Click on the link if you want to see what attracted me to the polish in the first place. It's SOOO pretty in the bottle, but it doesn't translate on the nail, not even in the sun. Super sad times.

I decided to practice some stamping over it and I think it turned out rather nicely.  

I had trouble on the thumbs because the image wasn't wide enough to cover the whole nail, but thankfully you can't tell in these photos. lol.

Surprisingly I ended up wearing these for almost 2 full days. I didn't love them, but I was too busy to worry about changing them.

Are you doing the challenge? How are you liking it so far?


  1. That's too bad about the polish, because it's so pretty in the bottle! It might make a good base for flakies then!
    I love the stamping! What color and what plate did you use?

    1. I know Kirsten! I was so disappointed. Maybe you'll like it better than I did.
      For the stamping I used Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Chrome and the plate is from Essence. The Essence plates don't have numbers etched into them, so I can't tell you the #. lol.

  2. Aw bummer, I hate when polish colours don't translate onto the nail :( Overall, this mani looks great though, I like the stamping :)

    1. Thanks Julie. At least I was able to salvage the base color somewhat with the stamping. Live and learn. lol.