Thursday, February 16, 2012

PCFC - Small Flowers/Flower Beds 2/17

The next Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge is small flower or flower beds. This post will reveal where I was going back when I first posted that bright pink/green gradient. :) I was laying down the grass to make... flower beds!

To make these, I used my base of (China Glaze) Strawberry Fields and sponged halfway up/down the nail with Spring Green (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri). Then I used a medium sized dotting tool to create the flowers and small dotting tool for the centers. It probably would have been cool if I had used paper reinforcers and made a half moon mani out of this, but I don't have any, so oh well. :)

Colors used for the flower bases: Essie French Affair, SH Insta-Dri Lightning, Brisk Blue, and Urgent Orchid, Orly Charged Up, and Wet n' Wild Club Havana, Essence Chuck

Colors used for the centers: SH Insta-Dri Lightning, Orly Wild Wisteria, SH Xtreme Wear Twisted Pink and White On, Essence Gleam in Blue, and Nina Pro In A Tiff

What do you think? Color overkill or cute little flower beds? I liked how these turned out, but I felt a little silly wearing them out to language school. lol.


  1. Uhm these are AMAZING! I love them. Not overkill for me at all :)

  2. Not overkill at ALL!! I'm all about the bright colours, and this one is right up my alley, so pretty!

    1. Maybe bright colors are a "Julie" thing. lol. (My name is actually spelled Julie legally. :))

  3. I love how bright and colorful these are! =)