Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PCFC - Valentine's Day 2/14

Happy Valentine's day to you all! Does anyone have exciting, or not so exciting plans, to celebrate? My boyfriend and I are probably just going to cook dinner and watch a movie/tv together. Not too exciting, but our anniversary is on the 18th (7 years!), so we usually lump the two holidays together. This coming weekend will be my first time celebrating Fastnacht/Karneval (imagine US Halloween and Mardi Gras), so we'll be celebrating our anniversary the weekend after that. :)

When I think of V-day, I always think of red roses (even though my favorite are yellow), so my nail art reflected that.

Here are my *actual* V-day nails:

I am really pleased with how clear my images turned out! I only botched one nail and had to redo it from a naked nail. :)

My one complaint would be that when you stamp with a color and paint a solid nail with the same color, the way I did here with the red, it does not come out the same shade. It looks like I used a pink on the white nails instead of the same red, but since these were for V-day, pink still works for me. Even though I felt the itch to change my nails Monday, I liked these enough to keep them on until after school on V-day. Now that's saying something.

Do you like this design or does the cutesiness make you wanna barf? lol.


  1. This is great! Happy Valentines!

  2. Love these Jewli! My moms favourite flowers are yellow roses too!!

  3. This is so cute! It makes me want to barf glitter and unicorns :)

    1. That was my goal, so I win! :) haha, thanks!