Thursday, June 7, 2012

Argyle and Paisley Stamping with a Mini-tutorial

 Here is another example of my "technique" of a design on each hand. I used a base of CG Riveting (from the Hunger Games collection) that is just stunning. After I had put it on, I wished I hadn't because it covered up the gorgeousness of the base color. I used some of my Born Pretty plates for the stamping. The white I used is a stamping polish made my Essence. You can see I still need a lot of practice with the full nail designs. The argyle pattern is less forgiving than the floral/paisley-ish pattern.

 Try it with Carmella asked me if I had any instructions on stamping. I actually don't. Spellbinding Nails is pretty much the QUEEN of stamping nail art. Absolutely check her out if you want more information on it. My tips for stamping are to start out with the quality plates (Konad or Bundle Monster, although I don't have either), and not the fauxnad or Born Pretty plates (like I have). With those, you KNOW they are quality and that you will eventually be able to stamp with them. Some of my images flat out will not stamp no matter how many times I try. It's frustrating.
Any opaque polish will pretty much work for stamping. The Konad polishes obviously are the best option, but they can be pricy.

When you are ready to stamp, it's really just trial and error as far as equipment goes. I ditched the metal scraper that came with my stamping kit (from Essence) and started using an old plastic gift card. It works better I find. When I use the stamper, I usually use a rolling motion to pick up the stamp and to put it on my nail. I have very curved nails, so it works the best for me. If your nails are fairly flat, you could just push it straight down. You will have to experiment with pressure for the lifting of the image and transferring it to your nails. Some images work best with lots of pressure and some work better with little.

I hope that info can be of some use for someone! :)

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