Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do Hip Queens REALLY Wear Blue Jeans?

 Although I highly doubt hip queens do wear blue jeans, I used a Catrice polish by this name as the base of this mani. I'd had the color for a while, but really didn't understand why people were so excited over this polish back in the US. I swatched it on one nail (like you've seen demonstrated in a previous post) and was unimpressed.

The other day I got a wild hair up my @$$ and decided to use it on my toes. And I loved it. I NEVER match my toe and nail polish. Not ever. But I loved it so much on my feet that I figured I'd love it on my fingers. No sooner had I finished painting my nails than my fiance walked in the front door with 3 new polishes for me. I had asked him to pick me up a surprise from the grocery store expecting him to get chocolate, but instead he picked out polish. What a good man. :)

I left the blue base for a day and even wore it without topcoat (which I never do anymore since I met my BFF, Seche Vite) before attacking my nails with my new polishes.

All 3 polishes are from Catrice.

On my pinkies I used Just Married. On my index fingers I did a 2-toned gradient with Up in the Air and HQWBJ. On my middle fingers I did my first 3-toned gradient with HQWBJ, Up in the Air, and Be My Millionaire. Then I used Be My Millionaire on my pointer fingers. It's a pretty streaky silver, but I like it. For my thumb I did polka dots, larger ones in Up in the Air and smaller ones in Be My Millionaire, with a layer of a glittery Spoiled polish. It's a light blue jelly base with fine and small pieces of holo glitter, but the blue doesn't really translate to the nails, which is good for layering.

I was so impressed with Just Married that I eagerly took off these nails and painted each nail with a random color so I could see how Just Married looked over other colors. Unfortunately, they were pretty much all a let down. I tried light colors and darks, cremes, neons, and shimmers. Oh well.

This nail art was more about trying random things than actually having a plan in mind. But that's the thing that makes nail art better than say tatoos. ;) It's not really a good idea to try random tatoos, but random nail art is a-okay.

What do you think?


  1. These look so fun all layered up together, random and fun but totally cohesive together. Fiance did good! ^_^