Thursday, June 7, 2012

Belated Memorial Day Nails

 I sure hope this post publishes correctly on the first try! :)

These were my nails for Memorial Day! I've kind of begun doing different color schemes on each hand. I wanted to do the half red/half blue with random white stars, but when I sat down to actually do them, I wasn't feeling it. On my left hand I did the red and blue base and then tried to freehand a row of stars along the seam with my smallest dotting tool. I really hated how it turned out, so I skipped a finger and tried doing them with a toothpick instead. I still didn't like how they came out, so I switched it up and just did simple white dots along the seam and topped it all off with a coat of CG Fairy Dust.

For my right hand, I decided to do a different version of American flags. If you've seen my very first post, then you've seen my usual American flag nails. I used regular scotch tape to create the white stripes over the red half and then freehanded the white "stars" with a dotting tool.

We were heading out to a birthday party that evening and I ran out of time to do the other 3 nails. Thankfully people are used to me having "weird" nails, so no one batted an eye. It was a party full of Germans who probably just thought it was an "American" thing, but they did compliment me on my nail art and my future mother-in-law told them how talented and artistic I am. It was nice to hear. :)

By the way, I haven't mentioned this before, but if there's ever a design you want a tutorial for or a specific color you're interested in, please feel free to ask. :) I love to help!

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