Friday, June 15, 2012

Tennis Nail Art

The whole reason I met my man candy was because he played tennis. He went to our college on a full tennis scholarship and I went on a soccer scholarship. One fateful day our paths crossed and in 3 months we will be man and wife. Life sure has a way of messing with your plans. It's that saying, "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans." I always thought I'd marry an American (a Texan probably since that's where I grew up), and have my career established my now. Instead, here I am marrying a German and living in Germany. I'm not working yet and have never had a job in my degreed field. Oh life, you are a crazy bia.

Anyway, on to the nail art! My man's tennis team had a match a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to sport some nail art to support them. I did the logo and team name on my nails. I was relatively impressed with my little tennis player. I think he turned out the best of all my nails. The team name alternatively pissed me the hell off. My red striper got stringy so there were all of these incredibly thin stringy lines on the white background. I touched up what I could and put on the top coat. Only later did I realize that a black fuzz got under my topcoat. Rawr.

From left to right: a red tennis racquet and yellow tennis ball, a bouncing tennis ball in a field, a piece of a scoreboard, the net. 

I completely hated the racquet because the neck was too short and the strings weren't even going vertically and horizontally like a real racquet. I also hated that 2 nails are upside down. Oh well.

On my other hand I did the same net, bouncing ball, and (silver) racquet. I also had this grand idea to create a tennis court using my new striping tape. Unfortunately, it was completely lost in translation. i hated my brown "court" so much that I thought this orange shimmer jelly would help, but I neglected to remember it would turn the white lines orange too.

Oh well. I highly doubt the tennis guys noticed and my man candy was really appreciative of the gesture. :) That's a win in my book.

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  1. These are SO adorable--I love the creativity! Never would have noticed the direction of the strings if you hadn't mentioned it, and I'll be your guy just loved 'em! :)