Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jewli's 31 Day Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Day 21 - Pattern

I am to the point in the challenge that I'm in a rut. It's to the themes that I've never worked with (ex. inspired by a song, pattern, movie, etc.). Who hasn't used a color for inspiration? All the color challenges were easy? I googled Halloween pattern and found this adorable pattern. I originally had the idea to recreate parts of the pattern on each nail so there was a bit of everything all over. Silly me, I had a mishap. If you haven't noticed, I've been doing one design on one hand and one on the other, that way I can burn through more ideas in less time. I did the last one (the violet ghost) at the same time as these. I painted the bases one night and did the details the next morning. After I finished the ghost, I realized I did the simple design with my dominant hand and left my poor non-dominant hand to do all the detail in this pattern. I am NOT ambidextrous at all, so I decided to make it a bit easier by doing one image on each nail.

Seamless Halloween Pattern Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

I picked the devil, Frankenstein's monster, black cat, bat, and a voodoo doll. Maybe I'll incorporate the other guys later on (using my DOMINANT hand, haha!). 


  1. How totally adorable! I only wish I could get that good at my non-dominant hand! I think my favourite is the little pin-head guy on your thumb--the look on his face is so cute!!

  2. These are crazy good Jewli!! I LOVE the kitty and the bat!!

  3. these are amazing!! so stinking cute :)